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Our FAQ of the Forum

Post  Pieman12 on Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:56 pm

Q:What is with the Read The Rules rank? I read it already!
A:The Read The Rules rank will be above your avatar until you get 10 post!

Q:Who is Director?
A:Director is a member who is a user's INSRUCTOR. He will sometimes post a topic or send a PM

Q:Can I join the Moderators?
A:To join Moderation you must buy it at the shop (read the rest of this topic to find out more!)

Q:Okay what do you mean by "Buy Moderation?"
A:We mean Buy the Moderation!

Q:How does the shop work (AND HOW DO YOU BUY MODERATION!?)
A:You get Post Points for every post you put on the Forum. You get 100 points per post and 10 points per reply! Then you use those points to buy stuff (yes like moderation.)

Q:Who is the Director really?
A:He could be anyone!

Q:Can I own the Forum?

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