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Rules of Forum

Post  Pieman12 on Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:44 pm

Hello! Welcome to Club Penguin Central! If you want to be a good member of this Forum you MUST read these rules!

1)No Spamming:Club Penguin Central will not take any SPAM on this forum (Stupid Personal Annoying Messages. Also known as SPAM) if SPAM is seen on this forum the user who posted the SPAM will be in a TEMP-BAN (for 3 days,1 month or 5 months)

2)No Hacking:Club Penguin Central is created for the user to have a good time on Club Penguin Central without seeing any posts about hacking products for the computer. If a user posts about hacking products they will be in a PERMA-BAN or a POINT-BAN (5 points off)

3)No Swearing:We DO NOT take any foul language from ANY of our users AT ALL! Any (and I mean ANY!) of this is seen the user who posted it will be in a PERMA-BAN! Nope! No POINT-BANS! No TEMP-BANS! A big fat PERMA-BAN!

4)No Double-Post:Try not to double-post. It annoys us and the other users! If this is reported the user who double-posted will be in a POINT-BAN (1 point off) or a TEMP-BAN (for 5 weeks)

These are the rules YOU MUST follow to be a member of Club Penguin Central!

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